Chapter 2 Splitting Heirs of Mafia Wars Challenge Mission: London was unlocked today. Players can now continue on their quest to steal a crown jewel. Just like chapter 1, this chapter has four jobs that you need to master within seven days.

The four jobs are:

  • Stage a Distraction at a Nightclub
  • Kidnap a Partying Royal Family Member
  • Hand off the Royal to Russian Agents
  • Steal a Military Police Helicopter

Once you’ve master all the four jobs you’ll receive a FSB Agent. It has 42 Attack and 76 Defense. You don’t need to hurry. A week is enough time to complete Challenge Mission: London Chapter 2. When your heat meter is red, let it reset. That way you’ll save on your British passports and energy.

Do you have enough British Passports for the jobs in chapter 2? Completing other jobs, robbing, and fighting can drop British Passports but the drop rate is not that high. You can add two more crew members so that you can get the bonus forty British passports each and give you forty British Passports daily. Also be sure to collect your free British Passports. If you need more passports, you can buy some in the Marketplace.


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