Some Mafia Wars players abused the Tagged glitch in the game that gave them a lot of Reward Points. Well their happy days are over because Zynga learned about the abuse and now the company will take the necessary actions in the name of fair play.

According to Zynga, players should contact support right away or else their accounts will be rolled back. Their accounts will be adjusted to have the proper amount of Reward Points. Players who don’t contact support will have their accounts rolled back, thus resulting to item and experience loss.

Affected players will be messaged by Zynga with regards to the roll back of their Mafia Wars account. This will be in a form of a pop up in game. It also states a warning that if the player uses any exploits again in the future, this can lead to more severe disciplinary actions, with permanent banning being one of the options.

This must serve as a lesson to Mafia Wars players that cheating is not the way to win in game. There are no shortcuts in building a strong Mafia.