Some Mafia Wars players abused the Tagged glitch in the game that gave them a lot of Reward Points. Well their happy days are over because Zynga learned about the abuse and now the company will take the necessary actions in the name of fair play.

According to Zynga, players should contact support right away or else their accounts will be rolled back. Their accounts will be adjusted to have the proper amount of Reward Points. Players who don’t contact support will have their accounts rolled back, thus resulting to item and experience loss.

Affected players will be messaged by Zynga with regards to the roll back of their Mafia Wars account. This will be in a form of a pop up in game. It also states a warning that if the player uses any exploits again in the future, this can lead to more severe disciplinary actions, with permanent banning being one of the options.

This must serve as a lesson to Mafia Wars players that cheating is not the way to win in game. There are no shortcuts in building a strong Mafia.


  1. I used the code. I didn’t know it was a cheat. Someone e-mailed me: “Tag–you’re it” and when I went to MW and saw “Tagged Players” I thought it was a bonus. MW has been doing special code rewards on the website all the time.

    When I got it, I was shocked and e-mailed my friend, but she reminded me of an FV package that gave FV dollars, and a lot of items, so I just thought it was lucky.

    (FWIW, I’d NEVER heard of a website called “tagged.” Nothing on the MW page said “This is only for users from–don’t do it if you aren’t one of them.” If it had said “MySpace users” then I would have realized it was a cheat. But a “tagged user” can very legitimately mean “someone who has been tagged–i.e. someone who has been sent a code.)

    I never saw the Zynga thing to contact them. I don’t subscribe to their web page. They never sent out an e-mail or a notification that you would see on the site.

    I despise the way they’ve treated it. I’m quitting MW. it is no longer fun. If they want to treat us like truculent children, well, this truculent child will take her toys and go home. Frankly, I was spending too much time on it. But to be treated like this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m going to harvest my crops on FV tonight, so friends can always fertilize for fuel, but I think that’s it for me. I’ll wait a week, in case I might have second thoughts, but I think this time next week, I’m deleting my accounts.

  2. Nonsense…in the name of fair play? Really? With a straight face you say that…and Zynga is perhaps one of the shadiest companies I’ve run across. What I’m amazed at is with the constant in game problems, missing items on a regular basis, changing values of items, missions, and what not this game is still as popular as it is. 2 things I find truly baffling is they can’t fix the game the majority of the time but got the glitch sorted out quick…Without notifying anyone I know. And Tagged players receive these bonuses often? Really? So credit card and tagged players run the show? They probably lost millions of players in the last few days, myself and many friends have had enough. Yep, sounds fair to me…rebzombie your an idiot shill.

  3. I was rolled back and lost 4 levels and jobs completed in Bangkok , not to mention the items , points , 7/11 item form 7/11 code . I didn’t even use the so called glitch , I didn’t know EVERYBODY had to contact Zynga , why would I contact then about some code I didn’t use ? Then yesterday morning , here came the pop-up in MW and I was called a cheater !!!They don’t know who used the code , they just rolled back everybody , probably per server

  4. Mafia Wars is a game all about doing crimes, getting ahead, so if a person finds a way to head a little boost here and there you would figure this would be a good thing.

  5. Yeah I inserted a code cause I was given it from someone I thought tagged meant clan players thats what it means to mean thought it was a bonus I had no idea it was a cheat in anyway how am I suppost to tell the difference. Well i got nothing and they took a bunch of stuff i loot and was gifted. I am now no longer playing along with a group of others and taking part in what I hope to be a class action lawsuit. They stole from me I thought it was part of the game had no idea it was a glitch.


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