If you got extra Playfish Cash then you might want to check out the various items on sale in Pet Society’s Boutique Shop. There’s an ongoing clearance sale in the game that will be available until the 20th of June.

Probably one of the best buys in the Pet Society Clearance Sale is the Viking Ship, which you can buy for as low as 15 Playfish Cash. It is an interactive item that lets your pet row the ship. You can find this item under the Amazing Items section of the Boutique.

There are other Clearance Sale items found under the Beautiful Items of the Pet Society Boutique. These are the Teak Gazebo (8 Playfish Cash), Classic White Dome (10 Playfish Cash), Traditional Brick Fireplace (10 Playfish Cash), Traditional Wood Fire Oven (10 Playfish Cash), Cendrawasih (12 Playfish Cash), and the Red Parrot (10 Playfish Cash).

Usually after a Clearance Sale, the items on sale are removed from the inventory to make way for new ones. If you eye one of the items on sale, this might be the last chance you’ll have to grab it. So head into the game today and check out the Boutique for the items on sale.