legacy-menu-screenI still fondly remember the times I played that cool indie puzzle game, Chains, and it appears that now a similar concept but with even more extra things has been launched: the game is called Legacy: World Adventure and is created by Big Blue Bubble, known to those in love with casual games from Home Sweet Home and Masters of Mystery.

The game puts you in the shoes of Emily King, a young woman with a yearning for adventure and a craving for knowledge. You will have to race around the globe and help her reclaim her family’s legacy by testing your Match 3 skills and heightening your World Fact knowledge with exciting clues and stunning imagery!

Legacy: World Adventure features 30 real world locations, hundreds of facts about these locations, three different types of gameplay and five minigames, which means, in other words that it can keep you busy for quite some time. So if you’re interested, you can give it a try here.