mixed-messagesThe DSi is not receiving huge support right now from the big and small game developers, as none knows if the new handheld from Nintendo is worth their time, but at least they are ready to test the market and see if future game development should be done. So we could say that the short time following the launch of the DSi is very important for the success of the little device.

Activision is testing the market with the first downloadable third party DSiWare title, Mixed Messages, a “game” developed by Vicarious Visions. Don’t expect it to be revolution on handhelds: it is nothing but a simple piece of software which allows players to take turns either writing a phrase or drawing picture and passing it onto the next player to add their style to it. Not my type of fun, but since this game is designed to support up to 21 players in multiplayer, it might to the trick.

“The Nintendo DSi should further broaden the appeal of portable gaming and we are excited to debut Mixed Messages,” said Mike Griffith, President and CEO, Activision Publishing. “The game is a fun way for consumers of all ages to explore their creativity as they evolve the message in the game.”

Mixed Messages is now available for download from the Nintendo DSi Shop at a price of 500 DSi points.