Xbox One Day One edition pre-orders are now back in stock at Best Buy. Consumers will be able to pre-order Microsoft’s next-gen console, but only for a limited time. Best Buy has informed that this current stock will most likely be the last batch of pre-orders available until the console’s release. Best Buy exhausted it’s pre-order stock in July and later restocked it only to have it sold out in a matter of weeks. This last batch will most likely run out in a short period of time, so pre-order while you can.

Best Buy currently has two bundles available, the first of which is the regular Day One edition bundle which includes the 500GB console, Kinect 2.0, and controller. The Day One Edition bundle includes a commemorative controller and exclusive achievement. The second bundle includes an extra controller, 12 months of Xbox Live Gold, and a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts alongside the regular bundle’s offerings. This bundle is markedly more expensive than the Day One Edition.

The consoles remains sold out in most major retailers including Amazon, Gamestop, and Microsoft’s own store. The console will launch on November 22, eights years after the Xbox 360 made it’s initial debut back in 2005.

(Via: IGN)