One of the most debated (and debate-able) subjects of the moment is the existence or non-existence of a new Xbox 360 model. To be more specific – a Slim version of the successful console. As it usually happens in such cases, Microsoft denies having any plans to release a new model, but rumors are getting more and more intense and, having in mind that it’s been more than one year since people started to ask for a huge revamp of the console, this might be it!

So the first visual proof appeared last week when Engadget found a picture on a Windows website, posted within a harmless mouse review. We have the picture in the upper left corner, so feel free to look at the Slim Xbox 360 and see for yourself. Of course, the author of the picture said that it’s just an optical illusion, but we can see for ourselves it’s obviously not.

Today, Indian website Split-screen has confirmed that “the Xbox 360 Slim exists and you can expect an official announcement on the console in December”. There are no details on a possible release date for the new Xbox 360 Slim, and no exact sources are named (except for some vague “MS execs”). We doubt Microsoft would choose to confirm the biggest news about their console since launch in India, since we all know that sales there are pretty low because of piracy, but one can never know the real marketing strategies a company has.

However, as you can see, we have some really strong rumors here, together with a solid picture accidentally released out in the wild, so it is 100% clear that an Xbox 360 Slim is coming. But there are still two questions left: when will it be released and what other changes will it bring? Feel free to share your opinion with us.