Yet another Nintendo DS model has been announced by big N for Japan in what appears to be the company’s latest attack on the growing PSP popularity of the past months, when Sony’s handheld outsold Nintendo’s little child. Although most of the gamers would prefer to get their hands on a brand new handheld hardware from Nintendo, this upgrade should do it for now: the new DS will be able to take pictures and play music!

So, slowly, it appears that Nintendo plans to fight not only against the PSP handhelds, but the iPods too, since improved wireless communications will be part of the upgraded version as well.

The new DS model will retail in Japan for a price below 20 000 yen ($189), which could still mean a bit more expensive than the current models, sold for 16 800 yen. There is no word yet regarding a release in Western markets but we’re sure that will happen sooner rather than later. So we just have to be patient.