Some time ago, I’ve shown you that modders have managed to re-create World of Warcraft using the Starcraft 2 engine and probably many of us started to wonder from that point when will a “World of Starcraft” be made, then? Well, the answer is NOW since another team of hardcore modders and fans have decided to start this amazing project, World of Starcraft!

As you can see in the video below, World of Starcraft looks and already seems to work incredibly well, even though it’s just in a very early pre-alpha stage. Imagine how great the game will look like and feel when the full project will be completed! And who knows, maybe Blizzard find it so uber-cool (because it will certainly be very popular) and they pick up the project and help the team of modders with World of Starcraft, the MMO!

Here is how a pre-alpha version of WoS looks like:

If you want to find out even more about World of Starcraft or maybe even give them a hand, you can check out the team’s official forums here.