woozworld-screenAh, them social sites and games! Probably, sometime in the future, when we’ll all be connected to tubes and we’ll live in cocoons situated underground, the internet and social applications, websites and games will be the real deal.

Until then, though, companies are still trying to perfect their virtual worlds – or just to create new ones, and Woozworld is such a new virtual world created specifically for tweens (kids aged 6 to 14). Woozworld invites tweens to design and customize their own world based on 4 very distinctive cultures: Mystic Alley, Colony V, Cortoza and LibStreet.

Creating these worlds is made step by step by the playing community, with Unitz that have to be designed first (the Woozens’ homes), with friends to be made and lots of fun stuff to be done, including adding tons of customizable items to your character and making it look as zany or sober as you want.

Even better for parents who don’t want to let their kids roam freely in all sorts of dubious places on the internet, Woozworld promises to offer a secure environment where every kid is 100% safe. And since the little fellows will have tons of fun – as well as get the chance to meet new people and let their creativity fly away freely, I think everybody is happy.

So head over to the official website of Woozworld to give it a try and remember to check back on Unigamesity for some really cool Woozworld goodies!