new-farmville-cropI wasn’t expecting any new Farmville content following the recent introduction of the Alien items, but Zynga surprised us all once more and just announced that there are three new crop types available for virtual farmers to grow on their farm: cranberries and two types of squash.

The cranberries cost 55 coins and can be harvested in 10 hours for 98 coins. Pattypan Squash is available for more skilled farmers who will spend 65 coins for it and after 16 hours they’ll get 160 coins in return (probably this crop can be used on a 24-hour basis). Finally, for those of level 36 or above, there is the Acorn Squash which costs 175 coins and sells for 258 after 10 hours.

So there are more Farmville crops to master now in Farmville – I would’ve preferred some with a bit longer time (1 or 2 days, even three), but I am sure that this short time will help a lot those who can log in more than once per day in their account.

The official word from Zynga regarding the introduction of new crop in Farmville read: “It looks like Cranberries and two new types of Squash are all in season here at FarmVille. Make sure to head on over to your farms and check them out!”

What do you think about these new additions and what other types of crop would you like to see in Farmville?

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