whattowear-logoimgWhat to Wear is a hot new Facebook fashion game developed by Large Animal Games. The flash-based Facebook game, What to Wear involves designing outfits for theme-based Fashion Contests. Not only do you get to create outfits, you also get to judge other peoples’ designs. I’ve played all of the Facebook Fashion games and What to Wear currently offers the biggest and best clothing selection. The best thing is that you’re able to layer different pieces of clothing, which gives you the creative freedom to design your own unique outfits. You can design and save up to 20 outfits in your portfolio. This is probably my favourite part of the game. No other FB fashion game offers this fabulous feature. If you are a fashion diva you’re gonna love playing What to Wear. Shopping for clothing every day? I mean come on, what else could a clothes-loving shopaholic ask for?

However, just like in real life you need to pay for your clothes, so spend wisely ;-) The currency in What to Wear comes in the form of Credits. When you begin playing you are given 500 credits to get your wardrobe started.

There are 5 ways to earn/receive credits:
1. By designing and submitting an outfit for a Fashion Contest (25 Credits + 55 Style Points per Contest)
2. By voting for others’ outfits (2 Credits per Vote)
3. By visiting What to Wear daily (5 Credits for visiting + 2 Credits for every 5 active What to Wear friends)
4. Your ranking in a Fashion Contest (50 to 1000 Credits)*
5. When other players give you a Thumbs Up Bonus (20 Credits per Thumbs Up)

What to Wear hosts a new Fashion Contest every day! Each contest has a different theme and lasts for 48 hours. During the first 24 hours of a What to Wear contest, players have the chance to design and submit an outfit. Voting takes place in the last 24 hours of the Fashion Contest.

Here is a sample of some of the latest Fashion Contest themes:

Jury Duty
Honeymoon in the Greek Islands
Career as a Spy
Watching the World Series
Going out Trick or Treating
Shopping at the Farmer’s Market
Taking a Trip on the Orient Express
Pledging a Sorority
Honeymoon in Hawaii


I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but…I do question the fairness of the voting process. Firstly, What to Wear never reveals the vote tally for any of the outfits. We just have to take their word for it that the winner really got the most votes. How many more votes did #1 get vs. #100 or #1000? How many of those votes came from the “random” voting process vs. friends voting? In addition, I (along with other outspoken WTW players) have seen a number of outfits in the Top 100 of every contest that really had no place being there i.e. outfits that did not fit the contest theme/s at all. Again, where did all these votes come from? Large Animal Games needs to come up with a better voting process. At least give the voters (not friends) the chance to decide the Top 100…give us the opportunity to actually vote on the Top 200…present the 200 outfits with the most votes and let the voters choose their Top 100? No more friend votes!!! Something, anything to make the winners reflect the voters’ true opinion!!!


1000 Credits     1st
700   Credits     2nd
500   Credits     3rd
300   Credits     4th – 50th
200   Credits     51st – 100th
100   Credits     101st – 1000th
50    Credits      Runners Up