wolfenstein-screenWith just a little time left for us all to wait until Wolfenstein hits the stores (it will be released on August 17), id has decided to offer some details on the first person shooter’s multiplayer mode which will be handled by the UK-based Endrant Studios, informs Big Download Blog.

So we found out that the game will feature a team-based multiplayer gameplay in which players will be allowed to become either Axis or Resistance soldiers. Each side will have three character classes (the “classic”: medic, soldier, engineer) and we’ll be able to take our character through three modes like Team Deathmatch, Objective and Stopwatch. There are no extra details on these modes, though, which is kind of sad since “Stopwatch” seems quite interesting and “Objective” is clearly a mode that could’ve been detailed a bit later. Oh, well… maybe some other time.

Now back to Wolfenstein’s multiplayer, Big Download also mentions that we’ll get access to the extra-dimensional “veil” (that’s in the single player campaign as well), meaning that each class will have access to their own supernatural powers. And that should add enough diversity to the game to keep us all happy, hopefully.

But we’ll see for ourselves really soon, since Wolfenstein, as I said earlier, will be released on August 17.