spore-galactic-adv-entureI did love playing Spore when it was released but it wasn’t a permanent spell – on the contrary. It appears that it’s been just my case, since one month after the release of Spore Galactic Adventures Electronic Arts and Maxis have announced that over 100,000 user-created adventures have been created. Which, no matter how you put it, is a great number!

Expanding on the original Spore game, the Spore Galactic Adventures expansion pack gets your creature out of its spaceship and exploring colorful and wacky new planets. Players can turn their creatures into space captains, battle epic monsters in intergalactic arenas and engage in intense planet-side races. In each mission, players earn experience to rank up their captain and earn game-changing items such as the Plasma Pulser and Swarm Magnet. In addition to the adventures in the box, players can download 10 all-new adventures created by the writers of the outrageously funny, pop-culture parody TV show, Robot Chicken.

Of course, many gamers would’ve loved to get a “real” title, a complex and complete simulation… but sometimes it’s only natural to leave some gamers disappointed.