spore-galactic-adventuresElectronic Arts has decided to release some extra details regarding the Spore Galactic Adventures expansion they announced quite a while ago to be released to increase the fun you have in the space stage in Spore.

The company promises that a “tremendous amount of variety and fun” will be added to the Spore universe, allowing platers to play adventures created by Maxis and also create their own adventures (which should probably be allowed to be shared with the world, for an infinite number of adventures).

Basically, Spore Galactic Adventures will allow you to turn your creature into a legendary Space Captain that will battle epic monsters in intergalactic arenas, solve arcade-style puzzle quest and much more. In each mission, gamers earn experience to rank up their Captain and gain game-changing items and accessories. Players can suit up their Captain with over 30 new items, from the Plasma Pulser to the Swarm Magnet and share their exploits online, as their Creature Card shows their accomplishments, rank, and medals earned. So, in other words, much more things to do in Spore if you’re still playing it.


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