demigod1Demigod, the latest RTS from Gas Powered Games and Stardock is dealing with multiplayer network issues – one that is frustrating for both the players and the developers who admit that they have never encountered a similar situation to what is happening with Demigod.

Stardock’s CEO Brad Wardell said on the official forums that as much as 60% of the players still have multiplayer issues while 10% can’t play online at all. There’s an explanation to that, however:

“When Bill and Rick decide to play Demigod together,” explained Wardell, “the NAT facilitator connects them together, sends a message to Impulse Reactor which in turn hands over the socket to Demigod’s lobby. We have verified that the NAT facilitator is sending the message but the message is never being received. We know it has something to do with the load because when we try it out with a relatively small group of testers (~100) it works flawlessly. It’s when it is put out there for tens of thousands of people that it falls apart.”

At the moment however, there is no actual solution for the multiplayer problems in Demigod, but GPG and Stardock are working to solve the situation as soon as possible so if you are one of those having problems with the RTS, they should end pretty soon!