street-fighter-4-pc-screen02Capcom has decided to release today the first details and couple of screenshots from the PC version of Street Fighter IV, a title I am sure most of us can hardly wait to get our hands on. And yes, if you were wondering, there are some few extra details and an overall better resolution, since the power of the PCs can’t be compared to that of the consoles. Let’s just hope that Capcom doesn’t have too high expectations from our computers, though, and we’ll be able to play the game after all!

street-fighter-4-pc-screen01As for other details, these are pretty scarce and all we know is that Street Fighter IV for PC will be a Games for Windows game offering achievements and voice chat with the online play. However, I am sure that some people out there are not really delighted to hear about the GfW thing… Oh well, we can wait and we’ll see for yourself. Until then, check out the SFIV PC screenshots to the left, and if you wish to see the shaders changing options in action, check out the gallery over at Capcom Unity!