twilight-video-gameWell, this was certainly coming: a Twilight Video Game has been announced by BrainJunk Studios and rumor is already flooding the internet that it’s going to be a MMOG, even though the developers barely mention a “multiplayer element”. However, if the Twilight Video Game is a MMO or not is the least important right now, all that matters is that it’s coming!

The details on the game are, however, very few. We do know that the just announced Twilight Video Game will be set around Forks in an open, non-linear world where players will be allowed to explore the world and discover things by playing their own way and not following a pre-set “campaign”. Which is great to hear and could also go well hand in hand with the MMO concept.

Also, as the name suggests, the Twilight Game developed by BrainJunk will be based on both Twilight and Midnight Sun (but not New Moon – however, the developers are considering including it into the project as well) and players will be allowed to follow the story from Bella’s or Edward’s perspective. Of course, the developers are also considering the idea of letting players experience being human, vampire, or phasing into a werewolf. But, as a conclusion: not many things are clear not regarding this upcoming Twilight Video Game.

However, I am sure that it will be a really successful game – if it will come with no major flaws – and I am also sure that if it would indeed be a MMO, then it would become the MMO with the biggest female population, another thing that would guarantee its success in the long run.

But stay tuned in with Unigamesity for further details on Twilight the Video Game as soon as BrainJunk wishes to offer them!