Have you logged in to FarmVille and noticed that your barn is covered with toilet paper? You tried to find an answer to the question “What’s with this toilet paper on my barn?” and didn’t manage to? Maybe you saw that you have toilet paper in your gift box and you’re wondering how to use it? Well… read on and find out everything about the FarmVille toilet paper!

It’s not a bug, nor a new feature – it’s just Zynga’s way of celebrating the day of pranks, April 1st. Every player receives a roll of toilet paper and you can use it to “decorate” any barn of a neighbor of your choice.

So… how do you use the toilet paper? Simply visit a favorite neighbor – or just one you want to do this joke to – and make sure that he or she has a barn. Then, simply click on the toilet paper icon and then on the barn to “decorate” it in a funny way!

You can also post a link on your wall announcing your victim and your neighbor can easily clean the toilet paper off their barn by clicking it and selecting “clean”. But why would you wish to do that, especially today, right?