Google is a very powerful company that has proven that they know how to make the right decisions. They are also professionals at making everything sell, they have done it before with Android and Google Glasses, and they are yet to do it again with their upcoming Google Game Center. The new game center will just continue to make Android the mobile operating system of choice for many people, and make it more prominent in the mobile OS market share. There are a few things Google should implement into its new product to make it more prominent to consumers though.

Firstly, multiplayer should be fast, easy, and seamless to use. Most of the time when I’m playing a multiplayer game on iOS, it can lag so much that the game is hard to play. On some of the games, looking for the multiplayer features is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It is almost hidden from all the other features in the game. In some of the apps, the multiplayer feature is hard to use as well. There are many steps in the process of just getting into a game itself, or a lobby. If Google can manage to fix these problems, it will give consumers another reason to choose Android over iOS.

Secondly, in-game chat should also be easy to use. On certain games that require communicating with teammates to get to a goal in the game, it would be vital to be able to use a microphone to speak to other players. Games such as first-person shooters would be able to use this, but it would only be useful if the in-game chat was actually audible and able to be heard by everyone in the lobby. The player should also be able to toggle who hears the chat as well. Whether it be from picking which teams or to players individually, it should be able to be done and easily as well.

Lastly, multiplayer lobbies should not be too large or too small, and the host of the game should be picked, so that the whole game doesn’t lag and the lobby ends up getting closed down. From experience with games such as Call of Duty, sometimes the host of the game has a horrible connection, and the whole game is laggy, and sometimes the game just ends. The game center should also take control of hackers and cheaters. If there is a cheater in the online community, he/she should be taken care of immediately and taken off of the multiplayer servers. Google should implement up-to-date hacker detection software that would make the online community very pleased and more safer as well.

In conclusion, if Google implements these features into their upcoming Google Game Center, then people should be flocking to go and buy an Android phone with the added advantage of getting a functional and easy to use game center.