Starting from today, on XBOX Live Arcade we have some new titles, including Beat’n Groovy, Shadow Assault/Tenchu and MLB Stickball. The last one is available only in Canada and US, the rest are available in all other regions.

MLB Stickball is a classical game of stickball that can be played on local multiplayer (1-4 players). You can win games, hit home runs, shut down batters, trip car alarms and burst water towers to unlock pro players and flesh out your team.

Shadow Assault/Tenchu: allows you to control your favorite characters and you can use a variety of ninja weapons. Also, you can use traps in multiplayer mode (1-4) to kill your friends for massive points!

Beat’n Groovy is a single player game (1-2) that ‘speaks’ for it self: just let the energy of the music flow through you.

There are also Mercenaries 2 and Mirror’s Edge trailers on the marketplace today.


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