505 Games had a huge success with their casual Cooking Mama and, even though many of us would’ve wanted to get a drinking daddy or maybe a stripping neighbor, the developers have decided to stick up with family friendly content and announced Gardening Mama. Which is, as you can imagine, a Cooking Mama set in the garden. Growing food and stuff. So we can say it’s kind of a prequel… right?

The game will be released in Spring 2009 for the Nintendo DS consoles and everybody who likes to dig holes, plant seeds, mix fertiliser and ultimately grow a range of fruits, flowers and vegetables should be pretty excited.

Just like Cooking Mama saw players engaging in different stages of a recipe, Gardening Mama breaks the plant growing process up into small bite-size chunks of game play. The simple mini-games can be played by wannabe gardeners of all ages, as they grow increasingly more colorful and rare flowers. And one may never know when knowledge regarding gardening might come in handy. So it might not be such a stupid idea to create a Gardening Mama, after all!