Well, the PC gamers might be the last ones to get a motion controller, but at least it’s coming and it will do so with a blast: PrimeSense, the company that had licensed the technology for Microsoft’s motion controller Kinect, has just announced that they’re working for something similar for the PC. I am really excited by this prospect and all the coolness a motion controller can bring to the PC gaming world!

Created in collaboration with Asus, the PC motion controller which will be called WAVI Xtion will be first shown during this year’s CES. Here is what the company had to say about it:

“The WAVI Xtion media center for the PC leverages ultra-wide band wireless link and PrimeSense 3D sensing solution to provide controller-free interaction experiences in the living room. Users can browse multimedia content, access the Internet and social networks, and enjoy full body interaction in a more user-friendly and natural living room experience.”

Hopefully, computer games will soon be controlled with such a controller, especially since the company is also working to release Xtion PRO, a 3D sensing professional development solution which will be available in February 2011. Pretty cool, don’t you think?