warhammer-online-new-patchIt was time that Mythic had improved their MMORPG even further – and that’s exactly what the recently released 1.3.1 Warhammer Online patch does, introducing a series of tweaks and changes that will turn everybody’s experience in the virtual worlds of WAR into a memorable one. The list of the most important changes brought by the WAR patch 1.3.1 as well as some other details follow.

First of all, as announced, The Wild Hunt Live Event is now live, as well as other changes. For starters, Mythic promise that capital city invasions are now more exciting than ever – simplified stats, new flow of states, improvements of the interface, Public Quest upgrades, and more!

Also, all Keeps have been expanded! There are now two ramps up to the Lord room for attackers and defenders alike to watch and utilize for flank attacks on their enemies.

Player-crafted Summoning Stones allow groups to rapidly assemble for battle even when the party members are spread out over long distances.

Add to that bug fixes to the careers, item and crafting improvements, and even more UI updates and you’ll know that this 1.3.1 patch for Warhammer Online it was the necessary thing to be done by Mythic. If you want to read the entire list of changes, go to the game’s official website.