eve-online-fpsWhat might be considered a big surprise for the EVE Online fans has just happened: 1UP posted confirmation that CCP Games, the developers of the aforementioned MMO are working on a FPS (and MMO, it appears) set in the virtual universe all players know from EVE Online! The game will be titled DUST 514 and it will be developed by the company’s Shanghai Studio.

Details are pretty scarce at the moment, but it appears that the game will be console only, which would be even stranger to hear, since most of the EVE Online players are obviously PC gamers. However, it is still possible (and it would completely make sense) that a PC version of the upcoming DUST 514 is in the works too.

“We launched EVE Online in 2003 and have experienced steady annual growth – a fact we appreciate as a rarity in the world of MMOs, especially given the global economy of the past year,” said CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson. “Our success with EVE Online has afforded us the highest caliber global design and production talent in gaming. With a team of the best minds in the industry, we conceived an ambitious new take on virtual world development with DUST 514.”

This means that we’ll be taken down on different planets from EVE and battle in first person other players and probably AI controlled characters. Still, the number of details is pretty low, but we’ll certainly hear more on October 1 during CCP’s annual fanfest. Until then, we can all remain astonished.