champions-online-betaproblemsThe highly anticipated release of the Champions Online open beta stage didn’t go as smooth as Cryptic might have wished: the gamers who have downloaded the game client still have a lot of problems installing it due to what apparently is a major bug in the install process of the MMO. However, these problems are solvable with a bit of extra work, so read on to find out how to fix them and how to get Champions Online up and running.

But first, a little about the problem itself: after people have downloaded the Champions Online beta installer from Fileplanet, apart from the low speeds caused by the huge number of people trying to download the game, the game client tried to download an impressive 3.6GB patch upon launching (which is even bigger than the beta file itself!). The reason why this occurs? Apparently Cryptic have messed up things a little bit and about 2GB of data is installed in a wrong folder.

Quickly after raging wannabe heroes invaded the official forums of Cryptic, the developers have posted a step by step guide to solve the problem, but now the guide was removed, most likely because it caused the aforementioned 2GB of data being deleted from one’s hard drive.

Fortunately, there is a solution to fix Champions Online: forum user Firann has posted his own step by step guide and you can read it here. Just be warned that it might not work out and you could end up ruining the entire game or maybe even your system! But if you think it’s worth a try, go ahead and do it, there are people who say that the guide worked flawlessly for them.

Or, of course, you could wait for Cryptic to somehow solve this problem….