the-wild-hunt-deerMythic has some surprises planned for the Warhammer Online players, but we’re here to tell you all about them (hope you won’t mind!). And I see no reasons why you should mind since we have details about an upcoming WAR event, The Wild Hunt, described as “The Age of Reckoning’s Most Dangerous Game”. Sounds cool, right? Read below to see just how cool!

The Wild Hunt event, running August 31 through September 7, will introduce a new instanced dungeon (the Hunter’s Vale) in which the players will be embarking on the “hunt of their lives”. The new zone is only available for groups of six players (of any rank) ready to go hunting. There are 10 tasks to be accomplished and tons of amazing rewards to be won, like the Fleet Stag Mantle (which grants you the speed and grace of a deer), the Bleeding Hart Charm or the Stag Skull Trophy.

Except for that, Mythic promises that The Wild Hunt event will deliver even more goodies to the Warhammer Online players, so I guess everybody should be happy. Especially with such nice words to introduce the event to the world:

“The God of the Hunt can brook no more! The hunter’s moon has risen! The horn of Kurnous has sounded! Let those who honor the ancient traditions pay heed—and let all who slaughter with abandon tremble!“ Pure poetry!