Runes of Magic is a fresh and promising MMORPG developed by the Taiwanese team from Runewaker Entertainment and published by Frogster, a company that simply knows everything there is to know about MMOGs. Released in March 2009, Runes of Magic has grown already quite big and keeps getting improvements, while still remaining a free to play game, which is obviously one of the game’s biggest bonuses.

However, there are even more reasons that make Runes of Magic an interesting choice for MMORPG fans: it features more than 1,600 in-game quests and no zone boundaries, instanced, tile based, and persistent dungeons and much more. There are six main classes that work in a dual system (meaning that you can combine them for up to 30 possible combinations), meaning that the diversity is huge. Add to that impressive combo attacks and varied spells and you’ll have a few reasons to give Runes of Magic a try.

According to the developers, “a particularly attractive feature is the ability for players and guilds to arrange and furnish their virtual homes. Thanks to an extensive crafting and reputation system, exciting PvP and demanding dungeons and boss monsters, there is something for everyone,” they say and after checking out the website, I tend to believe them.

If you also tend to believe Frogster, you can head over to the Runes of Magic official website and give the game a try. Or, if you need more information, check out the trailer below for the free to play fantasy MMORPG Runes of Magic: