With the Elven Prophecy nearby for Runes of Magic, Frogster is trying to add even more exciting content for their players. And it seems that they have not ran short of ideas, since they’re now introducing underwater dungeons in the world of Taborea for groups of up to six players to explore and conquer. Sounds nice? It certainly is!

Located off of the ‘Weeping Coast,’ the eastern sea reveals its dangerous flora and fauna to players. Fish-like beings have already settled the coastal region and live in harmony with the Naga – powerful reptilian creatures which play a pivotal role in the story of Runes of Magic’s second chapter. Giant luminescent jellyfish light up the caves and canyons and players should watch out for their extremely long and highly poisonous tentacles.

Only characters at or above level 50 can make the underwater journey and accept the challenge of ‘Heart of the Ocean’. Numerous quests lead through the dungeon, which is ruled by powerful bosses. While a diminutive Naga Queen keeps player groups on the go with her extensive spells, a gigantic crab deals out its own variety of close combat. It is an arduous path right up until the end boss. Once he has been summoned, the end boss has some particularly nasty tricks in his repertoire – the petrified stone statues of past adventurers bear witness to those who have gone up against him unprepared.

There are more information regarding these underwater instances on the game’s official website, so make sure you go there and check them out because there might be bit more in Runes of Magic than you would’ve expected!