The ever expanding virtual universe in Frogster’s Runes of Magic, ready for The Elven Prophecy chapter, will introduce two new Elf classes into play (and, of course, will make elves playable in the game for the first time). The two new Elf classes will be the Warden and the Druid, and we have details on them below.

The Wardens have the ability to call upon the power of nature spirits and can connect with woodland plants which strengthen them with the power of the forest. They therefore always fight side by side with a companion of plant origin which supports the Warden. Thanks to his companion, the Warden is highly adaptable in the most diverse of combat situations and overall a great addition to the Runes of Magic Universe.

On the other hand, the Druid’s abilities are at first glance, similar to those of the human Mage, but they are not restricted to just destructive magical powers. They possess a multitude of attack methods and healing spells. A particularly unique strength they have is the ability to harness ‘Nature’s Power.’ The Druid collects power in his body during combat and this then brings about special effects which cause many abilities to be strengthened. Furthermore, Druids have versatile healing, support and combat a magic as well as the ability to manipulate various elements.

So, as you can see, both classes are closely connected with the nature and receive unique bonuses and skills because of these connections. You can read even more details about the Warden and the Druid on the official page of Runes of Magic, but you’ll have to wait until The Elven Prophecy expansion goes live to play as an elf.