vw-prototypeThis year’s Consumer Electronics Show (or CES, as most of us know it) already proved to be a great place for gamers: that’s where the Halo Wars release date has been announced, that’s the place where gamers got the first word about the upcoming ultimate gaming mouse from Razer and I’m sure that many other great things will follow.

Actually, we even had more than the aforementioned announcements: Prototype, the upcoming sandbox game from Radical Entertainment has been showed off at CES 2009 and, boy, I must admit I was impressed by both the gameplay and the looks of this amazing title!

I mean… not only that the entire game concept is that of a very, very ambitious project (you can change shapes, you can become any person you can touch, you can do all sorts of stunts and much more), but the actual way it’s all brought to life is amazing. In order to understand what I’m saying, we’re going to watch three Prototype trailers, since if an image is better that 1,000 words, a video can surely tell you everything. So let’s warm up with Prototype’s “Reveal video”:

Now let’s see some more gameplay footage as shown at CES 2009. The following two videos present us the superpowers of our character and what it appears to be total freedom when it comes to stuff we can do. Not to mention an impressive number of poor little souls waiting to get slaughtered by our superpowers! So if you had ever wondered how to destroy a tank with your fists, that’s just a small part of what the following Prototype gameplay video presents:

And finally another nearly two minutes-long video, showing us some vehicle combat and tons of gore. Will Grand Theft Auto finally have a worthy adversary? It sure seems so, since Prototype comes packed with action and pure “wow”-ness.