Sandbox Interactive unveiled new details and screenshots today about the upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Albion Online. According to the company’s community manager, Szymon Wilkosz, Abion Online is being shaped based on the community’s ideas and concepts, allowing a high level of involvement:

The main reason that Albion Online is so highly anticipated is because we already have an extremely smart, loyal and involved community who want to help us to create the best game possible. Having an open discussion with our community, learning what they are most interested in and hearing their ideas and comments, is key to helping Albion Online be as great as possible when we launch.

The company also announced the start of a new feature for this cross-platform Sandbox MMO: You Ask, We Answer. Players will have the chance to ask all kind of questions about Albino Online with a huge chance to get a direct answer. The game is designed to have a player-driven economy, as well as an a “variety of weather conditions, land types, and zone configurations”. New screenshots were released, check them here: