Razor MambaRazer is the latest company which made a pretty nice announcement at CES 2009 – at least from a hardcore PC gamer’s point of view. The gaming peripherals company has announced two new high quality products for a better game experience: Razer Mamba, a laser wireless mouse and Razer Carcharias, their latest headset.

As you can see in the image to the left, the Razer Mamba looks impressive. But not only the looks are great: the Mamba is an ergonomic, lag free gaming mouse with 2.4GHz gaming grade wireless technology, making it the fastest mouse both on and off the cord! It has dual mode (wired/wireless functionality) and just 1ms polling rates, compared to 8ms of traditional wireless mice (which translates as “no more lag” for PC gamers). However, the Razer Mamba mouse has one single problem: it’s retail price is $129.99, which is certainly too much for the casual Dinner Dash player.

Also, the company revealed their upcoming circumaural audio headset, Razer Carcharias, which will retail for $79.99. The company promises that the headset will offer uncompromised comfort and audio clarity, so you won’t have to worry you miss the words of “praise” whenever a 6 years-old kills you with a headshot.