Rockstar today unveiled the weapons, vehicles and character buffs that players will receive for ordering the Collector’s Edition of GTA V.

A .50 Calibre Pistol, Shotgun and Hammer will all be available to players from any of the weapon stores in the game. Players will also receive a 20% discount when shopping in either a weapon or clothes store.

In terms of clothes, each of the three characters will receive a unique cosmetic outfit along with tatoos, facial hair and items of clothing. Each of the characters will also get a 25% boost to their special ability recharge rate.

In addition, players will receive access to a new garage which houses the CarbonRS sports bike along with the Hotknife, a hotrod car from the 1930s. Five exclusive stunt plane missions will be made available in the single player campaign.

When playing online, gamers will also be able to use the Khamelion electric car.

Online, owners of the Collector’s Edition will be able to use Niko Bellic from GTA IV as well as Claude and Misty from GTA III as “parents” for their multiplayer character. Any two of these characters can be blended together to customise the appearance and stats of an online avatar.

GTA V will launch 17 September.


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