We’ve got three hot trailers over at our Unigamesity video channel at YouTube and we must share them with you here as well. From the buzz gaining EA Sports Active to the relatively unknown Wii exclusive Geon, we’ve got some quality videos for you to watch and enjoy.

But first things first: since it was considered for a long time the World of Warcraft beater and the future of MMO gaming, we have to start our daily Video Watch with the latest expansion for Age of Conan (yes, even though it didn’t quite manage to rise up to the standards and keep its position high in the charts). But, still hot out of Funcom’s development oven, this is the biggest Age of Conan update ever released, as we have told you already. Now we’ve got a chance to see just how big Ymir’s pass really is. Impressive and promising, this should mark the beginning of a new player migration towards the Age of Conan servers. Just take a look for yourself:

Geon, the action-arcade game I was talking about comes with a pretty interesting concept, along with the fun gameplay: gamers will play as a Geon cube and race against up to three other players to collect as many pellets as possible and deposit them in the opponent’s goal. There are some power-ups in the game to make things even more fun and the video below presents us with the Rage power-up. Pretty cool!

Lately, the game everybody is talking about nowadays, Electronic Arts’ Wii Fit beater, EA Sports Active is present here with the first video. So, if our previous coverage of the title was not enough and you want more than EA Sports Active images, check the video below for your slice of fitness: