Those looking for extra content will find everything they need this week in the PlayStation store, which was filled with add-on extras, from classic Rock Band and Guitar Hero tracks to LBP costumes, FIFA language packs and NFS: Undercover goodies.

There is also a full game release – Age of Booty, available for $9.99, taking you back in time and pitting you against pirates of all kinds. Sail the high seas alone or with friends as you build your pirate empire by plundering villages, sinking ships, and sending your enemies to the briny deep. Fun is guaranteed in this little game (literary, as it has 44 MB) that also allows you to create your own maps.

There are six costumes available for LittleBigPlanet, including one available for free: the community costume Sack-Eating Plant Costume. If you want any of the other five (MotorStorm Stormers, Lilly Pad, Hugo, Great Blue, Frost E) it will cost you $0.99.

Hot Shots Golf follows the trend and comes with a costume pack, too, available for $2.99 and bringing a total of five new costumes with six variations each (this practically makes it 30 costumes) your little golfers will certainly love.

PAIN also receives its highly anticipated Hoff character, available for $1.99 and the movie studio lot purchasable for $5.99 bringing seven gameplay modes, three selectable launcher positions and more!

Also, as I said, there are some brand new Guitar Hero and Rock Band tracks available for purchase, along with FIFA 09 commentary packs (15 of them, all FREE) and lots of Need For Speed: Undercover add-ons. To check the full list, visit the official PlayStation blog.