Hoping to resurrect Age of Conan in the hearts of the hordes of gamers leaving to play World of Warcraft or Warhammer Online, Funcom brings us the largest content update ever in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures: new area, tons of quests, characters and monsters, as well as a new dungeon. The developers promise we’ll be blown away by this update (impressively named Ymir’s Pass) and it sounds like they’re not talking nonsense.

The update is available completely FREE to all Age of Conan subscribers and it will be automatically downloaded when you launch the game. It’s probably a big pack so it would be safer if you start the game right now.

“This is an important update that opens up a lot of new gameplay content for players who have already passed the level fifty mark,” says Game Director Craig Morrison. “In the months ahead we will introduce even more new content, and coming up soon are two exciting new high-level dungeons intended for players who have reached the maximum level. At this stage adding more content and keeping people entertained is very important to us!”

Oh, one more thing: after you install this massive AoC update, be sure to head straight to The Amphitheater (the newly introduced dungeon) as Funcom promises the “most epic and memorable monster encounters ever created for the game” there. Cool!