It appears that new things can still be introduced in MMORPGs, even though its quite hard to count all the available games on the market. Young Korean game development company NECT proves that with Puppeteers, a role playing MMO that brings at least one really interesting concept to the virtual worlds.

Just like a real puppet master, you will be able to control your character’s body parts with the mouse – therefore, you will have absolute control over your character’s movement, unlike what you were used to by every other single game you have tried. For example, “Puppeteers” features a motion wherein the basic attack involves wielding a weapon from the upper right corner to the lower left corner. When you do this, you can control the flow of the game to your advantage by enhancing the likelihood of hitting the weak point of the enemy by adjusting the angle at which a sword is wielded using the mouse. And only now we can start talking about realism!

The game is still in its early development stages just eight months after the start of the project, but there’s an alpha test phase going behind the studio’s closed doors, so the guys over there move at maximum speed. There is no estimated release date set for Puppeteers, but the first open beta is estimated to hit by the end of the year. And that’s great, since it does seem to be a game worth keeping an eye on!