I doubt there were many people to even dream about being able to buy a game for less than one US dollar just one year after the game’s release. And I’m talking here about a full budget game, one that dreamed about competing against (and, why not, defeating) World of Warcraft. No, for those of you ready to start the screaming of joy, I’m not talking about Age of Conan, I’m talking about NC Soft’s Tabula Rasa.

Even though by far one of the most unsuccessful and criticized big budget MMOs, Tabula Rasa is still there and the developers are doing their best to keep it alive – there could even be a few people that would miss the game, just as it happens with Hellgate London. However, big retailers like Gamestop are not selling the game anymore and things seem to go from bad to worse for NCSoft: Amazon sells Tabula Rasa for $0.96, which is less than one dollar! Even cheaper than the bargain bin price!

Spotted by the folks over at 1UP, the game is compared to a double cheeseburger since it has the same price and people appear to have chosen their winner: the cheeseburger. So, here you go! It’s easy as pie, NC Soft: if you want the game to sell, keep the 1 buck price and pack in a double cheeseburger!

[Image credits: androidblues.com]