steam_logoIf you didn’t like Valve’s Steam Client too much, things might change starting today since the company decided to update it and fix lots of bugs, including the annoying problem that prevented Steam from automatically updating games unless they were launched. In order to apply the latest Steam Client update you will have to click the File menu inside of Steam and then select “Check for Steam Client Updates”. Below is the full change list as posted by Valve:

– Added ability to specify content download region (in Settings->downloads)
– Fixed a condition that would prevent Steam from automatically applying game updates until game launch
– Fixed a bug preventing in-game status for 3rd party games
– Fixed running a non-Steam shortcut not changing user status to in-game
– Updated processor detection for “System Information” window and hardware survey
– Detect Windows 7 correctly in the hardware survey/system info dialog
– Fixed a bug affecting Dawn of War II beta participants in certain languages
– Fixed a bug in the game overlay affecting some Dawn of War II beta participants who have the game overlay disabled
– Fixed a rare case where Steam could prevent games from launching
– Fix crash when right-clicking a text edit control with an input locale that is new with Vista
– Updated German localization
– Fixed some potential string truncation in non-English locales
– Repaired layout of controls in Event announcement popup window
– Additional network API warnings for Steamworks partners