valve_logoA battle of the titans is ready to start, with Valve filling a complaint against Activision over unpaid royalties this month, a total worth of $424,000. On the other hand, Activision said that the amount was determined by previous overpayment of royalties to Valve, and that if the court awards the money to them, Activision will counter sue. Which clearly means that the two companies won’t be best friends anymore…

According to the complaint posted by Valve and discovered by GamePolitics, Activision paid just about $2 million of the $2.4 million a court ordered on April 6, stating that the difference is a reclamation of previously overpaid royalties. Of course, Valve didn’t like that.

The company said that an overpayment “was not the subject of a Notice of Dispute as required by the Audit Agreement and was not discussed during the CFO conference between the parties, which the parties agreed in the Audit Agreement was intended to have the parties ‘confer and attempt to resolve the Dispute…’”

However, it seems that this is not a new lawsuit, but one that started way back in 2002, when Valve sued Sierra Entertainment and the suit was “inherited” by Activision following their merger with Vivendi.