There are several interesting items added this week in Restaurant City as the game continues with their Underwater Theme. There are items that are just decorative while some are functional.

First in the list is the Oyster Farm that’s available until June 14. This item works like the arcade, only better. It earns you 400 coins for every four hours. You can also buy the Seashell Drink Dispenser that serves drinks fifteen percent faster.

For decoration you can purchase the Moving Deep Sea Picture. Or you can opt for the Pet Sea Horse that does nothing but swim around your restaurant.

Other Decoration Items new this week in Restaurant City are Sunken Ruins Arch, Tommy the Drummer, Frankie the Clarinet Player, Lenny the Singer, Yuriy the Bass Player, Lobster, Mini Rock Geyser, and the Underwater Cave, Giant Clam.

For the outdoors, Restaurant City added the Coral Door, Underwater Wall Tile, Scuba Diver, Mini Geyser Rock, Exterior Mermaid Décor, Fishbowl Wall Décor, Eel, and the Shark statue to make the exterior stand out from other restaurants.

Also new in Restaurant City this week are two new dishes you can serve to your customers. For starters you can learn the Softshell Crab Roll. For the main course there’s the Seafood Platter.