If you haven’t played Restaurant City in a while then you might be surprised with this new development in game. Gone are the stamina bars of your restaurant’s employees! Instead you can choose the opening hours of your restaurant.

Now you can open your restaurant with just a click in Restaurant City. You can opt for different Opening Hours from as short as thirty minutes to as long as 24 hours. Except for the 30 Mins Opening Hours, you need to pay for it.

Here are the costs of the different Opening Hours:

30 Mins – Free
1 Hour – 400 Coins
2 Hours – 1,200 Coins
4 Hours – 3,100 Coins
6 Hours – 5,200 Coins
8 Hours – 7,700 Coins
12 Hours – 12,500 Coins
24 Hours – 29,100 Coins

Take note that shorter shifts will give you more profit, especially if you opt for the 30 minute shifts. You pay nothing for it but you’ll earn coins and Gourmet Points.

Playfish also raised the level cap so players can level some more. That might make some players return to the game. Along with these developments, arcade machines now earn coins. You can collect the coins as soon as the machines are full. Based on my experience, you’ll get 30 coins from each machine.