Compared to the Paris Mission, Challenge Mission London requires more passports because each chapter has four jobs instead of the three in the previous special mission. You have seven days to complete each chapter.

Right now only Chapter 1 Robbing Good of Challenge Mission: London is unlocked. The four jobs in the chapter and the passport cost according to Job Heat Meter are:

Bribe a Longshoreman (9 percent mastery)
Passport cost: one for green, two for yellow, three for red

Replace Armored Truck Drivers (8 percent mastery)
Passport cost:  two for green, three for yellow, four for red

Re-Route the Hijacked Trucks (5 percent mastery)
Passport cost: two for green, three for yellow, four for red

Deliver Banknotes to a Local Syndicate (4 percent mastery)
Passport cost: three for green, four for yellow, five for red

As you can see, you’ll need lots of British Passports to complete Chapter 1 Robbing Good. Don’t be rushing and try to complete Chapter 1 in just a day. When your Heat Meter is Red, you might want to stop doing jobs in London and let the meter reset. Anyway, you have a week before Chapter 2 is unlocked.