It’s time to steal a Crown Jewel in Mafia Wars as Challenge Mission: London starts today. As posted on this site before, you’ll need lots of British Passports to complete the three chapters of this new special city.

British Passports are acquired from doing jobs, fighting and robbing in other cities. You can also get them from the Challenge Mission page. The number of British Passports available daily depends on the number of crew you have recruited for the Challenge Mission. One crew will give you twelve passports, 2-3 crews will give you 30 passports, 4-5 crews will give you 40 passports, and 6-7 crews give you 50 passports. You’ll be given a one-time bonus of British Passports for each crew member you’ve recruited.

You can also buy 28 British Passports for 10 Reward Points in the Marketplace.

Just like in the Paris challenge Mission, London will only be available for a limited period of time. There are three chapters with each chapter having four jobs to master. When you complete each chapter you’ll earn a reward item. These are:

Chapter 1 – Blockade Auto Shotgun (Attack 58 Defense 45)
Chapter 2 – FSB Agent (Attack 42 Defense 76)
Chapter 3 – Nightowl Helicopter (Attack 107 Defense 55)

What do you think about this new Challenge Mission in Mafia Wars?