Sometimes you just wish to have your FarmVille crops instantly grown, but there’s nothing to do about this, right? Well, not anymore, since Zynga has released the Biplane to FarmVille, allowing us to instantly grow our crops… for a fee. Read on to find out all the details about the FarmVille Biplane and the answers to all your questions!

The announcement message reads: “Grow your crops instantly with a little help from above! The farmville biplane has arrived!” What is this Biplane, though?

It is a new vehicle that is unlocked for players level 12 and above, which allows you to fly it and instantly grow your crops. Each flight costs farm cash (it appears that the amount varies from player to player and number of crops), but the first flight is free of charge.

Please note: Many players are complaining that they did not get their free ride with the FarmVille Biplane, so there must be a problem with Zynga’s coding, which means it would be safer for you to wait for a day or two before purchasing the biplane unless you want to lose this great opportunity!

How can you get the Biplane? It’s pretty easy – simply go to the marketplace and under the Vehicles tab, buy it for just 30,000 coins! Alternately, you can start the co-op job Peanut Jelly and get the gold reward to be awarded a FREE Biplane!

To use the Biplane, simply click on it and select “Apply Instant Grow” – the plane will fly above your farm and apply the Insta Grow!

What do you think about this new feature? Is it working correctly for you?


  1. ok its a game now they are trying to get real money from our pocket thats why i have started
    the new game COUNTRYLIFE its smarter and better looking with little animation
    i think FARMVILLE will lose many players soon… it will get money hungry game
    … no thanks

  2. Well, the only problem I have is that it is supposedly 1 fv cash per flight but I have 17 and it keeps telling me I don’t have enough. It probably is just a glitch but still, it worked so well with the free flight.

    • Yeah, I have 3 fv cash and a couple hours left for my co-op and the stupid bi-plane keeps telling me I don’t have enough.

  3. I have 30 fv cash and it says I don’t have enough, however I think it changes depending on how many hours it would take to mature on it’s own. I am trying to harvest yellow mellons which have a 96 hour maturation time. I think this is going to be RIDICULOUSLY expensive in FV Cash and it’s a HUGE money gimmick that can basically get you very high experience levels … for money .. like as in FV is gonna cost you big dough… they really suck .. and NO there is no way to fly the thing without whipping out your debit card and paying them for FV cash .. thats also why fuel costs FV cash ect.. because they want you to spend money..

  4. 22. Pineapple Says:
    Posted on June 4th, 2010 at 6:09 pm
    the plane is permanent, not one time use. But the cost depends on the crop grow time AND how many plots you seeded!! My farm is roughly 400 plots – a full field of watermelon (4day) cost 37 FV to do with the duster. But a full field of an 8 hr crop only costs 3 FV. Also there some proportion going on, I checked the cost as I seeded – for the 8 hr crop, from 1 plot up to almost 250 plots cost only 1 FV cash, then it bumped to 2 FV for the next 20 or so, then quicker to 3 FV cash!! So it’s worth it to do 250 for 1 FV cash and do 250 again getting 500 crop for 2FV cash – rather than spend 3FV for the whole field of only 400.

    Then when I played with a 10 hr crop the threshold dropped to 195 plots for 1 FV cash, and a 3 day crop the threshold was only 27 crops for 1 FV cash.

    Please post as you discover what diff crops cost and for how many plots. I am working on the formula

    Roughly for 1 FV cash you can plant 1900 divided by the # hours the crop takes to mature.

    ex: a 10 hr crop, for 1 FV cash you can grow 1900/10 = 190 plots

  5. I had approximately 38FV cash and planted approximately 500 plots of broccoli. According to Freak…it should have taken about 8 FV cash. It didn’t. It took 34FV cash! FV needs to post what it will take in farm cash and make it clear. Just another way to get hard cash from users.

  6. This whole Biplane thing sucks! They need to make it clear the cost of each flight before you by it. This is very wrong. I have been playing FarmVille for a long time well over a year and have just about had it with there crap! I’m about ready to stop playing and so are my neighbor!


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