For now, the 70th level is the last one we can achieve in FarmVille and, even if for many of us it seems such a difficult level to achieve, there are quite a bunch of players who got to this point. Imagine their frustration for not being awarded any special reward for their accomplishments!

But things are slowly starting to change and Zynga already introduced a Level 70-exclusive item, the FarmVille Mansion, an imposing building that seems to have borrowed a little from the Tuscan theme, in my opinion.

Either way, the price tag is also huge for such a building: the Level 70 Mansion in FarmVille costs an incredible 5 MILLION coins, which makes it the most expensive FarmVille item ever, a lot pricier than the second placed, the Villa which only costs one million coins.

However, I am sure that for a player who managed to get to level 70, regular FarmVille coins are no longer a problem and the Mansion will certainly start to appear on top level farms. What do you think? Will you ever get to buy such a building on your farm?