Some sweet Peanut Butter Jelly finally arrives to FarmVille after the previous update: the new co-op job has been launched to make us all grow Peanuts and Strawberries in order to get some delicious Peanut Butter Jelly, as well as a really cool golden reward: the FarmVille Biplane (click the link to learn more about this great new item!)

Back to the new co-op job, I’m sure you are curious to know the requirements and rewards, so here they are: you need to grow and harvest 800 Peanuts and 1,200 Strawberries in order to finish the job. The rewards are awarded if:

Gold Reward: Harvest them all in 1 day and 7 hours
Silver Reward: Harvest them all in 2 days
Bronze Reward: Harvest them all in 3 days and 6 hours

The gold reward, as mentioned in the intro, is the FarmVille Biplane which can also be purchased for 30,000 coins from the market. Not some huge savings, but maybe some players don’t have enough coins… Either way, if you wish to quickly finish the Peanut Butter Jelly job, check out the related links below for a guide on how to do it ASAP.

Do you like this new FarmVille co-op job?


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