Zynga and 7-Eleven teamed up for a special promo. Players from the USA should head to the nearest 7-Eleven Store and start buying specially-marked items. These include Slurpee’s, pizzas, sodas, just to name a few.

Then look for the promo code from the packaging and enter it online to redeem exclusive items in Mafia Wars. But first you need to register at:

This is 7-Eleven’s official site for the promo. Once you’ve registered and logged in the site, select the Mafia Wars tab and check the various items you can get by entering the code. Make sure that you enter the code exactly as it is written in the packaging.

Once you entered the code, the Mafia Wars item will be in your inventory. This will also unlock the Corner Store Collection in-game. You must complete a total of 41 jobs and win ten fights to complete this collection. Once you vault the Corner Store Collection, you’ll receive a limited edition bonus gift.

Here is the list of participating 7-Eleven products and their corresponding Mafia Wars gifts:

  • Slurpee – Snowman (Weapon)
  • Coffee (Large) – Lone Wolf (Weapon)
  • Large Pizza, Pizza Slice, Wings, Big Bite Products, Chicken Tenders, Breakfast Quesadilla – Sleek Bulletproof Vest (Armor)
  • Hash Brown, Taquito, Burrito Roller, Potato Wedges – Pepper Shaker (Weapon)
  • 7-Select Chips – Palermo Prowler (Vehicle)
  • Big Gulp – Trio Diva (Vehicle)
  • Mafia Wars Zynga Game Card – Combat Helmet (Armor)