Playfish brings in a Meerkat in Pet Society and it’s not just for display. The Meerkat Auto-Harvest Service is perfect for people who always forget harvesting their vegetables in the garden. Not only does he look cute, he is one helpful critter as well.

The Meerkat Auto-Harvest Service does come with a price. You have to pay four Playfish Cash for it. What you’ll get is a Meerkat that will collect your fruits and gigantic vegetables. Yup, it harvests vegetables at its gigantic stage only. That means more coins for you.

The produce will automatically be stored in your chest. The downside of the Meerkat Auto-Harvest Service is that it only lasts for nine days. The service starts as soon as you pay for it. No more vegetable rotting in the garden because you forgot to harvest it.

You can find the Meerkat Auto-Harvest Service in the Garden Shop. Just click on the poster ad and it will bring up the purchase pop-up to confirm your request. If you have enough Playfish Cash, then you’ll find the Meerkat in your garden.

I know this is a way for Playfish to make more money from the players and I would like to suggest that the service period is longer than nine days. Well that’s just wishful thinking.